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I. Vocabulary and Structure (10 points, 1 point for each)


1. Since Americans pay very high taxes, they often feel that they are working one day each week just their taxes.

A. pay B. to be paying C. paid D. to pay

2. Advertising is only part of the total sales effort, but it is the part that the most attention.

A. attacks B. attracts C. attaches D. Attributes

3. Information that does not make any to you is difficult to remember.

A. trouble B. way C. sense D. Mistake

4. The United States is known for its supermarkets, huge quantities of all kinds of food and household articles are sold.

A. which B. that C. when D. Where

5. The ants, hardworking they are, have time for play.

A. as B. but C. so D. Lest

6. Diamonds are the hardest found in nature.

A. instance B. circumstance C. substance D. Existence

7. Large and powerful, the atmosphere consists of an ocean of gases hundreds of miles .

A. high B. higher C. highly D. Height

8. Curiosity and imagination are important which help stimulate the discovery of new facts and the laws of science.

A. techniques B. technologies C. qualities D. Quantities

9. Information in long-term memory can be at a later time when it is needed.

A. remarked B. reminded C. removed D. Recalled

10.Insurance agents are always friendly, well dressed, and eager to be help.

A. for B. of C. from D. Into

II. Close Test (10 points, 1 point for each)


For human beings there is more to living than just staying alive. Therefore, your 11 , or emotional and mental needs are important. You need to love and 12 . You need to feel safe and secure. At the same time, you need to feel 13 . You need stimulation and variety to keep your brain 14 and to achieve personal growth. You also need to have a sense of 15 . a personal identity, in order to know 16 you are and how you fit in the environment.

Of all the emotional needs, a need for love is the 17 basic. At different times in life, you experience the need for love in different ways. 18 , a helpless baby feels love in 19 to care. Love means being kept dry and warm and being fed. Gentle touch and firm support create a feeling of trust 20 the baby for the people who care for it.

11. A. physical B. political C. psychological D. Educational

12. A. to be loved B. to be loving C. to have loved D. to be for love

13. A. depend B. depended C. dependent D. Independent

14. A. act B. acted C. active D. Action

15. A. self B. own C. you D. Yours

16. A. that B. who C. which D. How

17. A. much B. more C. most D. Very

18. A. In addition B. On the average C. Of course D. For example

19. A. response B. regard C. terms D. Vies

20. A. at B. in C. with D. By

III. Reading Comprehension (30 points, 2 points for each)


Passage One

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

The term flying saucerrefers to strange objects traveling through the earths atmosphere at very high speeds. Thousands of people all over the world claim to have seen them. Some believe them to be spaceships from other planets. Others insist that they are a secret type of aircraft being built on earth. Many people maintain that they are only natural phenomena happening under special temperature, light, or weather conditions. All reports, however, agree that the strange objects move at extremely high speeds and fail to follow the laws of motion by reversing (逆转) direction instantly without slowing down.

In the United States, the first flying saucers were reported on June 4, 1947, by a private plane pilot. He saw nine objects traveling in the sky. Each was disk-shaped and very bright. Because their movements were compared to those of a saucer skimming across the water, newspaper reporters called them flying saucers.

Some weeks after the first reported sighting, the United States Air Force was given the job of investigating all the reports of flying saucers. Because of the confusing variety of shapes, sizes, and colors reported, the Air Force adopted the term Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) to describe them.

Since the Air Force officials began their investigation of flying saucers, they have identified most of the objects as stars, planes, man-made satellites, experimental missiles (导弹), or weather phenomena. Some of the UFO reports, including photographs, were deliberate (蓄意) tricks made to cheat people.

All the research so far has failed to prove that UFOs are spaceships coming from outside the earth. Most investigators agree, however, that more study is needed before the question of whether or not flying saucers really exist can be answered.

21. The term flying sauceris generally used to refer to .

A. spaceships from other planets

B. a secret type of aircraft being built

C. some natural phenomena

D. strange objects flying very fast in the sky.

22. The first flying saucers got their name .

A. from a private plane pilot who saw them

B. for their brightness in color

C. because they looked like disks moving in the air

D. because they skimmed across the water

23. The Air Force preferred the term UFO because .

A. newspaper reporters used it

B. the term flying saucerwas very confusing

C. UFO is a general term that can refer to a larger variety of objects

D. The Air Force didnt find any objects that looked like flying saucers.

24. All the research has failed to identify any UFOs as .

A. man-made satellites

B. aircraft

C. experimental missiles

D. spaceships sent from other planets

25. From this passage we know that .

A. the US Air Force was the first reporter of flying saucers.

B. The term UFO was first used by the us Air Force investigators

C. UFOs are not worth further investigation

D. The question of whether there exist flying saucers has already been answered

Passage Two

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

The American educator Horace Mann once said:as an apple is not in any proper sense an apple until it is ripe, so a human being is not in any proper sense a human being until he is educated.Education is the process through which man attempts to pass on to his children his hard-won wisdom and his ideals of a better world. This process begins shortly after birth, as parents seek to train the infant to behave as his culture demands. Schooling, or formal education, consists of experiences that are carefully planned to help young people learn what adults consider important for them to know and how they should respond to choices.

While almost everyone accepts the goal of developing skills in the three Rs --- reading, writing and arithmetic --- it often seems impossible to reach agreement on any goal beyond that. In the broadest terms, the conflict over educational goals can be viewed as a conflict between two groups of people --- conservatives and liberals (自由派).

The conservatives tend to identify a desirable education with the transmission of the cultural knowledge, offering courses featuring the three Rs at the elementary level and academic (普通文化课的) studies or strong vocational (职业的) or business courses in the secondary school. They stress training of the mind and development of abilities.

The liberals tend to be interested in the development of the whole child,not merely in training his mind or in preparing him for adult life in a remote future. They emphasize rich, meaningful school living in the present, and they view subject matter as a resource for total human development rather than as a goal in itself. They believe that content should be acquired not for its own sake but as a means of encouraging thought and inquiry.

26. What Horace Mann means is that ______.

A education is essential for mans growth

B an apple is delicious only when it is ripe

C a man is like a child without proper education

D education can be compared to the growth of an apple tree

27. At school, children ____.

A find it hard to win wisdom

B have choices in what they learn

C are taught what adults select for them to learn

D learn how they should respond to teachersquestions

28. The three Rs does not include _______.

A arithmetic

B writing

C reading

D reasoning

29. Its most unlikely that the conservatives should emphasize ________.

A the teaching of basic cultural knowledge

B courses in three Rs in the elementary school

C courses such as modern physics and marketing at the secondary level

D the development of the student as an individual person

30. The liberals hold that ________.

A the goal of school education is mainly to prepare students for adult life

B teaching activities should be rich and meaningful to the students

C course content should be learned and remembered for future use

D book knowledge is the only resource for learning

Passage Three

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

It has been a wide-spread belief that the American family is dying. But a new study reveals that the American family is stronger than ever. This study affords surprising evidence of the persistence of American commitments to family life.

The American family is changing, not dying. It is becoming smaller, men and women are becoming more equal, and the divorce rate is higher. But despite the high divorce rate, marriage has never been more popular. The majority of divorced people remarry but only 2% marry more than twice. Most marriages last a long time, and a large proportion of divorces are from teenage marriages. Depending on the specific situation, theres often good reason for teenage marriages to break up.

There is no evidence that children receive less attention from mothers who work outside the home than from mothers working inside the home. So far the amount of educational or development time hasnt varied very much, whether or not the mother works outside the home. In fact, working mothers try to make up for it by setting aside time only for their children.

The study shows that television is by far the most significant new child-care arrangement of this century. The most important activity for children up to age 14 is watching television.

School is the second most time-consuming activity for children. They spend and average of about 19 hours a week in school. A larger proportion of children go to school now than ever before, and they stay in school longer. Another big change is that the proportion of very young children in day-care centers (日托站) has almost doubled in recent years. Compared with these two dramatic changes in child activity, the changes caused by mothers working outside the home appear very small.

31. The main idea of this article is that _______.

A the American family is dying

B young people today dont want to get married

C the American family is changing, but it is stronger than ever

D education has resulted in dramatic changes in the American family

32. Which of the following statements in NOT true?

A Marriage is more popular than before.

B Many divorced people remarry.

C The majority of marriages last long.

D Working mothers devote less time to their children.

33. The author of this article believes that ________.

A the American family is here to stay

B children should not watch so much television

C mothers should not work when their children are small

D teenage marriages should be encouraged

34. What is the most significant new child-care arrangement of this century?

A The day-care center. B Television C The school. D Development time

35. According to the writer, which two major factors have led to the belief that the American family is dying?

A The divorce rate is high and working mothers neglect their children.

B The divorce rate is high and children care more about television than anything else.

C Divorces are becoming increasingly more and many teenage marriages break up.

D Children stay in school longer and mothers have little time to take care of them.

. Word spelling


36.表扬 v. p-- -- -- -- -- 37. 橡皮n. r-- -- -- -- --

38.表面 n. s-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 39. 厚的a. t-- -- -- --

40.蒸汽 n. s-- -- -- -- --- 41.权力n. p-- -- -- --

42.噪声 n. n-- -- -- -- 43.第九 num. n -- -- -- --

44.大声的a. l-- -- -- 45.方法 n. m -- -- -- -- --

46.羞耻n. s -- -- -- -- 47.紧张 n. t -- -- -- -- -- --

48.非法的a. I -- -- -- -- -- -- 49.运气 n. l -- -- -- --

50.中间的a. m-- -- -- -- -- 51.严重的a. s -- -- -- -- -- --

52.财富 n. w-- -- -- -- -- 53.浅的 a. s-- -- -- -- -- --

54.信号n. s-- -- -- -- -- 55.胜利n. v -- -- -- -- -- --

.Word Form


56.Many people feel that the United States______(have) a very complicated tax collection system.

57.In 1964,the Olympic Game in Tokyo______(become) the first program to be transmitted via satellite.

58.In the recent past, medical researchers _______(begin) to emphasize the fact that heart diseases are associated with stress, smoking and a lack of exercise.

59.Taxes consist of the money which people pay ______(support) their government.

60.For centuries the Atlantic Ocean kept the Americas from ______ (discover) by the people of Europe.

61.The American consumer often feels constantly _______ (disturb) by insurance agents.

62.Women tend to engage in more eye contact than men, especially when ______(talk) to other women.

63.Though marriage ________ (practice) in almost all countries of the world, the customs are quite different from one culture to another.

64.No one has been able to prove that fish is any ______(good) for the brain than many other kinds of food.

65.If we did not have atmospheric pressure, we________(can, not have) automobile tires.

.E-C Translation将下列各句译成英语并将答案写在答题纸上。







While the quantity of food needed by the body is measured by the amount of energy, or calories, it has the quality of food is determined by its nutrients are the substances in food that are needed by your body. You can consume enough soft drinks, bread, and potatoes to supply you with enough calories for the energy you need. But these foods will not supply you with all the necessary nutrients your body needs in order to function well.

It is believed that these are forty-five nutrients needed by the human body. It is essential that each of them be present in various amounts in a good diet. Each nutrient is responsible for performing a special body function.


ⅰ、1------5 D B C D A 6--------10 C A C D B

ⅱ、11----15 C A D C A 16------20 B C D A B

ⅲ、21----25 D C C D B 26------30 A C D D B 31-----35 C D A B A

ⅳ、36\praise 37\rubber 38\surface 39\thick 40\steam 41\power 42\noise 43\innth 44\loud 45\method 46\shame 47\tension 48\illegal 49\luck

50\middle 51\serious 52\wealth 53\shallow 54\signal 55\victory

ⅴ、56\has 57\became 58\have begun 59\to support 60\being discovered 61\disturbed 62\talking 63\is practiced 64\better 65\could not have


66\it is known that the Atlantic Ocean is only as big as Pacific.

67\People may watch any movie they want on television.

68\how much money have you spent on insurance in the past few years?

69\in order not to be misunderstood, you should realize that body language is very much tied to culture.

70\it was not until the 14th century that more accurate maps began to appear.